Electronic cigarettes are increasingly becoming popular and for some good reasons. Many traditional tobacco smokers are now making the switch to E-cigarettes because of the many benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes.

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Here are the top benefits of e-cigarettes vs. traditional cigarettes:

  • They don’t contain any tobacco, tar or chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes.
  • Give you more freedom.
  • E-cigs are more discreet.
  • Give you greater variety at a much lower cost.
  • E-cigarettes are safer and environment-friendly.

1. No Tar, Toxins or Tobacco Associated with Traditional Cigarettes

E-cigarettes don’t contain tar or tobacco that is associated with regular cigarettes. This means that you can still receive your usual amount of nicotine without the need to ingest thousands of harmful chemicals emitted when tobacco is burned. You experience the same relaxation that you are used to, without exposing your body to harmful toxins.

2. Give You More Freedom

You can enjoy vaping your e-cigarette anywhere and at any time since there is no second-hand smoke emitted. That means you can vape in restaurants, hotels, bars and even offices. You don’t need to go outside and endure harsh weather conditions for a smoking break.

3. E-Cigs are More Discreet

Not all tobacco smokers want to let everyone know that they are actually smokers. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which produce and leave a distasteful smell on one’s clothes, e-cigarettes don’t leave any persistent smell after vaping. Vaping can be a discreet affair and therefore, you can maintain your reputation and avoid an unpleasant smell.

e-cigarette in golden color

4. Give You Greater Variety at a Much Lower Cost

E-cigarettes are available in a range of colors and styles. You can check out the various offers before you make your purchase. Some electronic cigarettes are made to resemble cell phones, pipes, and ballpoint pens while others look like the traditional cigarettes in color, shape and size.

In addition, they are not as expensive. The cost of smoking regular cigarettes in just one month is approximately twice the cost of vaping. So by choosing e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

5. E-Cigarettes Are Safer and Environment-Friendly

Choosing e-cigs provides many health, social, and financial benefits as opposed to the risks associated with regular cigarettes. Smoking tobacco can have dangerous effects on your health. This includes life-threatening conditions, including various types of cancer.

Electronic cigarettes offer a great alternative that tackles most of the problems associated with traditional cigarettes. Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine instead of tobacco itself, they are much safer than regular cigarettes.

Discarded cigs are often the cause of accidental fires that put lives, properties, and the environment in danger. E-cigarettes eliminate these hazards and are a lot kinder to the environment.

As you can see, electronic cigarettes have many advantages over traditional cigarettes. So it’s safe to say, don’t smoke it, just vape it!