Your garage door is the biggest piece of machinery in your home, which means that it can be quite an inconvenience if it fails to work properly.

The following are some of the most common reasons why residential garage doors sometimes don’t work.

1. Dead Batteries

This might seem pretty obvious, but some homeowners fail to check the batteries in their transmitters or remotes. So, before you jump to conclusions, make sure that your powered device has the necessary juice to perform its functions.

2. Broken Cables or Tension Springs

If your garage door seems to be closing too fast, then it most likely has a broken spring or cable. Even though you can implement certain garage door solutions on your own, it’s recommended that you seek the services of a professional when handling garage door cables and springs since it can be quite dangerous.

3. Improper Track Alignment

One of the signs that your garage door isn’t well aligned on its track could be a rubbing noise at different areas of the system when opening or closing it. You might be able to highlight gaps between the rollers and the rails, or bends in the actual rail. If this is the case, it could pose a serious problem and may eventually become a hazard if you don’t have it fixed right away.

Again, it’s always a good idea to call a professional when faced with such matters; there is absolutely no reason to put you or your family in harm’s way.

4. Photo Eye Sensor Is Out of Alignment

If your garage door has no problem opening, but won’t close whenever you hit the button on your remote, it could be that your photo eye sensors are out of alignment or dirty.

These photo eye sensors are designed in a way that, when anything crosses the path of their invisible beam along the ground underneath the garage door as it’s closing, it will automatically open up again. This is a unique safety feature that helps to ensure that the door doesn’t close on anything or anyone.

If these sensors are dirty, they may not be able to see each other, thereby rendering them incapable of sending a beam back and forth, and keeping your garage door open. If cleaning them doesn’t work, consult a professional.

5. Only Runs for a Few Seconds Then Stops

If your garage door only runs for a few seconds then stops, you would probably want to check for any obstacles or damaged springs.

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