Whether you’re organizing an end of year class trip or rewarding the school band for their achievement, consider making Orlando your destination of choice. Orlando offers students a host of activities and things to see to enhance their learning experience.

From having an up-close experience in the city’s several indoor and outdoor attractions to spending time at the theme parks, in Orlando there is something for everyone. This city is an educational playground offering cultural sites and entertainment options to students of all ages.

Orlando educational tours offer workshops in music, theater, business, and science. There are also impressive museums, entertaining shows, and great local restaurants to sample. Let your students make memories that will be the climax of their year.

Some of the notable world famous attractions that will excite your students include:

1. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Let your students enrich themselves with knowledge about how their country came up with a space program that made people visit and explore the moon. They will also get more information on how orbited satellites improved the lives of men. The center visitor complex will offer your students a chance to feel like an astronaut. There are star wars style holograms providing futuristic interactive exhibits that will give them a virtual touch of what life in space is like.

2. Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Appearing in over 125 performances each season, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is the city’s central resident orchestra. The primary mission of this orchestra is to promote and foster symphonic music through excellence in education, performance, and cultural leadership. Your students will be introduced to the world of classical music through educational programs that involve exercises and activities.

3. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios is the leading TV and movie-based theme park in the world! Let your students have the once in a lifetime opportunity of visiting this real film and television studio. They will feel like movie stars. They will be able to experience behind the scenes like never before and get right into the action of their favorite movies.

4. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is another world-famous theme park that has a variety of water playgrounds, sea creatures like dolphins, and animal performances. It is beyond anything your students could ever imagine in a theme park.

5. Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World Resort

Walt Disney has four popular theme parks, namely:


• Magic Kingdom

• Hollywood Studios

• Animal Kingdom

Let your students have fun by taking a Segway ride through the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. They can also have an exciting encounter with wildlife at the Wild Africa Trek on Animal Kingdom.

Give Your Students the Best Orlando Educational Tours

Let Orlando educational tours give your students an eye-opening excursion. Find the activities you are interested in and book them early to avoid last minute inconveniences. Plan and allocate your time well to make the most out of your trip. As a popular tourist region, Orlando gets thousands of visitors who go to have a taste of what it has to offer. Proper planning will allow your students to get the best feeling of Orlando.