Author: Dylan Martinez

How Phone Audit Can Help You Cut Your Costs

In today‚Äôs business world, telephones are a very important part for connecting to various parts of the world. People are recruited to spend all day on the phone talking to the buyers, raw material providers, creditors and other important entities of the business. As the telecom tariffs are rising, the need to save money and cut down the expenses of the business has emerged. These are some steps you can take to prevent unnecessary expenses: 1. Audit and Assess As a business owner, you could audit your phone and other services that you’re paying for to ensure that money...

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Opening a Small Retail Business? Avoid These Mistakes

Retail Businesses in 2016 Many giant retailers have closed some of their stores in 2016. The economic outlook did not start well for them this year. Walmart, for instance, announced earlier this year that it would close a total of 269 stores which accounts for 3% of its locations. Target, American Eagle, Walgreens, and Office Depot have also closed stores so far due to decline in sales. However, as giant retail businesses close their stores, there is an opportunity for small ones to take advantage of this move. Opening a Small Retail Business – Mistakes to Avoid Many people...

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