Author: Dylan Martinez

Are Walk-in Tubs Good for Seniors?

Most walk-in bathtub installers and salespeople tend to oversell their products as being top-of-the-line, safe, and ideal for everyone. They further claim that these types of tubs are designed to promote independent and safe bathing. However, as some occupational therapists and users will tell you, these kinds of tubs have some safety issues that most installers and sales personnel don’t usually disclose, because they want to hike walk in tub prices. As a result, it’s important that you make up your own mind as to how a walk-in tub can meet both your needs and safety requirements. Are Walk-in...

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5 Reasons Your Garage Doors Don’t Work

Your garage door is the biggest piece of machinery in your home, which means that it can be quite an inconvenience if it fails to work properly. The following are some of the most common reasons why residential garage doors sometimes don’t work. 1. Dead Batteries This might seem pretty obvious, but some homeowners fail to check the batteries in their transmitters or remotes. So, before you jump to conclusions, make sure that your powered device has the necessary juice to perform its functions. 2. Broken Cables or Tension Springs If your garage door seems to be closing too...

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Posture Correction: A Good Choice for the Man of the 21st Century

The importance of a correct posture can’t be overstated: it boosts confidence and outlook. Therefore, it’s prudent to correct errors in posture, especially in this era when image means virtually everything. Every 21st-century man should maintain a correct posture while standing, lying down, or sitting. The Anatomical Posture When Standing up The head, hips, and shoulders should always be forward-facing. The ears, shoulders, knees, ankles, and hips should form a straight line down the body. Also, the shoulders should be down and back, and the palms ought to be directed to the back for a posture to qualify as...

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How DHL Uses Order Picking Robots

The days of using humans to handle cargo in a warehouse may soon be over if the newly-developed picking robot from DHL comes to be. The development is coming at a time when the cost of labor has been increasing and security concern rising among the employees. This warehousing solution has been attracting a lot of attention from different players in the industry and also drawing a mixed reaction. However, it’s evident that the robot known as EffiBOT may be the future of order pickings. The following are some ways the user stands to gain from the newly-discovered system:...

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How Phone Audit Can Help You Cut Your Costs

In today’s business world, telephones are a very important part for connecting to various parts of the world. People are recruited to spend all day on the phone talking to the buyers, raw material providers, creditors and other important entities of the business. As the telecom tariffs are rising, the need to save money and cut down the expenses of the business has emerged. These are some steps you can take to prevent unnecessary expenses: 1. Audit and Assess As a business owner, you could audit your phone and other services that you’re paying for to ensure that money...

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