There is a wide range of real estate contact management systems on the market today, but how do you know which one is right for your business and fits your budget?

Well, in this article you’re going to learn 4 effective tips on how to manage your real estate contacts in both short and long term.

These will help you create solid relationships with your clients, benefit from constant referrals and repeat business and become a prosperous agent in the near future.

1. Send Your Clients Targeted and Personalized Emails

In order to keep in touch with your sphere, you need to take a multi-channel system of communication. The traditional "Hello" and "Dear Esteemed Customer" way of addressing your clients comes across as dispassionate.

Instead, install a reliable email real estate marketing software such as Realtor CRM to enable you send targeted and personalized emails. Clients like emails addressed to their names, don’t they?

To ensure relevancy, different groups of people in your database receive different emails. With that said, your marketing email to your longtime group of clients should be different from the one you send to your first time clients.

2. Incorporate Email Campaign Reporting

Email campaign reporting is a great tool for identifying the hot leads hiding in your database. Even with a small real estate database, some hot leads are naturally going to be there.

How are you going to identify the right leads to engage with right away without Email Campaign Reporting? With this tool, you can send whatever you want to your database and even though some not so hot leads may see it, they may not be able to call you.

3. Find a Great Way of Getting Client Testimonials

Look for helpful comments on social media sites or through email exchanges and if necessary, ask your clients if you can use those positive comments as testimonials. You can use those recommendations in your marketing.

You might be having a blurb in your email signature to let your clients know that you values testimonials. But in addition to doing so, you need to regularly keep in touch with them to see how well you’re doing and if you can make any improvements.

4. Organize Some Loyalty-Building Events

Every Client deserves appreciation.

You can appreciate your clients by organizing loyalty-building events such as home expert seminars, pumpkin carving contests, client appreciation nights, Easter egg hunters, BBQ get-togethers, and other types of events that are great for building outstanding loyalty.

Of course, these events are a great way to build invaluable loyalty with your past clients and get several new leads.